25 Ugliest Cars Ever Built

While many modern cars are work of arts, this isn’t always the case. Every few years a new vehicle arrives on the market that makes you wonder what the design team was thinking. Sometimes, automotive design evolves, and we start to think that old cars look frumpy or outdated. Sometimes, a new car is a disaster right out of the gate with cringe-worthy styling choices. We’ll be the first to admit that car design is subjective, so what some consider ugly now looks like a classic car or a personal favorite. The models on this list are those that critics and consumers alike agreed were ugly at the time, and they are still unusual today. Here are the ugliest cars ever made.

Edsel Corsair

In 1957, Ford tried to launch a new luxury marque named after Edsel Ford. You can see why they didn’t succeed. When interested customers arrived at Edsel dealerships, they saw four incredibly ugly cars. The Edsel Corsair was the second-from-the-top version of the new vehicle, but it was still incredibly ugly. Right from the start, the Edsels’ bizarre styling helped to drive the new brand straight over a cliff. Critics called the new cars unattractive, overpriced, and overhyped.

The Edsel Corsair tried to attract new buyers with high-end interior appointments, deluxe wheel covers, and extra stainless steel trim, none of which helped the hardtop’s hideous appearance. For 1959, the Edsel Corsair became the top model, and luckily, it had a toned-down style that included a fine bar instead of the vertical grille. Ultimately, nothing could save the new marque and Edsel was discontinued in 1960.